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Women´s health

ACTIVIN 60 (Without Client Card 29.30€)

Contains a variety of natural antioxidants

Aloemannan 60 (Without Client Card 31.65€)

Highly recommended to improve digestion and ...

AquaOx 60 (Without Client Card 31.70€)

The most powerful of the known antioxidants

B-Luron 2x500ml (Without Client card 229€)

Activate the productions of own synovial liquid

Bath Salts with Мicrohydrin 624g

Microhydrin promote the skin renewal

Bemer therapy, 8 min with customer card

Balances the body different processes

Biotron valgusravi 16 min (Kliendikaardita 16€)

Väga tõhus akne, meeleolu kõikumiste, immuunsuse languse ...

BP Phyto Control


Ca-Mg Complex 90

Contains organic salts of calcium and magnesium together

Coral Magnesium 90 (Without Client Card 20.35€)

Contains magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate.

Coral Taurine

„Rakkude kaitsja“

Coral Zinc15 100 (Without Client Card 11.31€)

“Coral Zinc 15” improves overall health.

Coral-Mine 30 (Without Client Card 23.70€)

"Coral Mine" systems by regulating mineral balance.

DigestAble 90

A dietary supplement

E - vitamiin 90 caps (Without Client Card 18.80€)

Essential for supporting cardiovascular, reproductive, and ...

Evening Formula 60 caps

Helps cope with stress, depression and normalize sleep ...

Gest-One kreem

Kosmeetiline vahend naturaalsete fütoöstrogeenidega.

Griffonia 60

Optimizing the central and peripheral nervous system ...

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